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Authentic imagery taken with passion, heart, & soul - With real people in mind, & life in focus.

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I want to capture it all. Don’t you?

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I do not want you to just see your photos…
I want you to feel them.

stories I have documented

“I can’t stress enough how much Kristin delivers. She’ll give you images that you’ll cherish forever! As a mother who’s learning to love the way she looks now, Kristin made me feel beautiful. She captured my family and the moments that I’m hoping to never forget.” 


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“Kristin is the absolute BEST! From the moment I reached out to her, she was just so kind, helpful, and available for discussion. She was incredibly responsive throughout the entire process from booking to styling to the day of the shoot. The final product was magical!”


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“Working with Kristin was an absolute dream. Not only did she make our family feel so comfortable, she was so, SO patient with our little 2-week-old son! if I’m being totally honest, I’m booking her for all my future family photos with all my future unborn children, she’s that good!”


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“Kristin is an incredible family photographer. She is so patient with children, and turns photo sessions that feel like absolute chaos into the most beautiful moments. Her editing skills are absolutely phenomenal, and we are so grateful for the images she has taken for our family!”


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Think about your children someday, looking at the pictures you’ll receive, and how they’ll be transported back to that moment. They won’t have bad memories of being forced to pose in a silly outfit, or with props — but instead, they’ll remember how hard they laughed that day. How your arms felt around them.How beautiful you are.. How vividly those memories were enriched. 

I want you to have these photos to encapsulate your universe, as it is right now forever. In a world where we’re never sure what’s next, it’s so important to preserve what we have now. 

Let’s slow down and pause time for a bit.

“Might as well share, might as well smile,

Life goes on for a little bitty while.”

Let’s work together to document your one & only wonderful life. 

“I want to capture it all. Don’t you?”

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